What is a Handyman?

What Does a Handyman Do?

A Handyman is a skilled general repair and maintenance person. While a Handyman does not necessarily have certified expertise in any particular area, their strength is their versatility and general knowledge about all manner of repairs and maintenance. Handymen may work in commercial or residential settings making basic repairs to electrical, plumbing, installing fixtures, painting, and more. They manage all the odd jobs that are needed to keep a building running.

A list of handyman jobs might include:

  • Pressure washing the outside of a house or deck

  • Removing outdoor mold

  • Removing brush

  • Repairing an appliance

  • Doing minor plumbing repairs

  • Repairing drywall

  • Repairing tile in the bathroom or kitchen

  • Hanging pictures and curtains

  • Repairing a fence

This is but a partial list of the talents of a Handyman...(Please give us a call or Text at 321-444-8587)

What should you expect to pay?

A handyman is less expressive than a contractor. When deciding between a handyman and a contractor, you must determine how much you are willing to pay for the service. The cost of a handyman averages between $55 and $85 an hour, but some may charge more. You can expect to pay an electrician between $80 and $140 an hour. And a licensed HVAC repairperson generally costs between $90 to $120, but often there are minimum charges to have a person come to your house. A Plumber's rates will cost you between $85 to $115 an hour.